April 14, 2014


To start off my come back post(sssss), here are pictures of me with an undercut... again. (With a hanger and an aparador/sideboard with piles of clothes in it on the background!)

I just realized, just similar with last year, I had a summer-ready haircut, too! Click here!

Well, in contrast with last year, my undercut was planned but there was a lot of hesitation (so it's not a 100% plan) since my hair has grown already (shoulder-length!). It takes great courage to have one side until the back of your head shaved! Will surely take a long time until it'll all be in the same length together. Phew! I really didn't mean to include the underneath portion of my hair to be shaved but... it's shaved... hmmm, I do mean it... or I really don't... but whatever! It's shaved now and I can do nothing with it! Lol!

Last year's hair-do wasn't planned-- TOTALLY. It was when we were in Manila, having a seat in my friend's uncle's parlor (in a high-standard mall! They have celebrity clients, too, wow!), while waiting for the uncle, the staff dyed our hair (having noooooo idea what the color was put)... for free! How cool is that?! I wonder how much it would cost if we were told to pay what has been done. Lol! Thank you HairshaFt Salon a million times!!!

So there it is! Another self-experimentation, Lol! Having my hair shaved isn't a result of drug addiction or depression or whatever silly conclusions Hahaha! I do a lot of random things, too bad I thought of my hair!


Bittersweet II

How accurate it is to have Bittersweet as the title once again.

A handful of words, maybe, would have been needed to share my thoughts and experiences of the recent in just one blog post—in which I’m definitewould leave you scrolling down to the bottom.

Let’s just say, here I am, getting my fingers back to the keys of my laptop after an exams week in school—always happens though. I’ll elaborate and talk more about the happenings on separate blog posts so you still have a lot to click and read in these pages.

• Art & Design Awards
• Fashion Edge
• Make-Up: Wedding @ Marco Polo x The View
• Fashion Design: Costume History
• YFC International Conference

For all the listed above, I will surely do posts for each. Not to mention anything random on the Display tab! Hehe. Feeling like writing tonight after a delay of something I am working with. 

'It has been quite a while', my forever line for come back posts. Was not even able to greet myself a 'happy anniversary' for my blog's first year. Not really good for the first one! At least, I have survived battling school's tide for turning my back to blogging. So yeah, I guess I could do it right now after two weeks, "HAPPY 1ST ANNIVERSARY, SELF&STYLE!!!" 

I just thank God for everything that happened recently, good or bad. It is not everything that happened according to what I was expecting at all though, but I believe that things eventually just fall into place. Lots of circumstances dismayed, disappointed and discouraged me, but yes, there’s always a light at the end of the tunnel… so, think positive! Better accept the lacking… learn and do something about it… and feel good! Just like what my professors say about arts similarly, “Art is broad, art is limitless, do not just stop from where you are… go on!”