Prints on my Denims

Thanks, King, for the photos! xo

Another #OOTD post. Photos were shot in school after a class during summer. Thanks to my Fashion Design buddy, King. Follow him on Twitter!

A gloomy day, it was. Im not really the kind of person who likes a lot of cover-ups, because to me, it feels irritating. As much as possible, I only wear one-piece top; a shirt will do. But since it was a gloomy day, I wore a not-so-giving-me-warmth jacket topped on my tank top. Weather has been unpredictable: sometimes, it rains hard in the morning, and in the afternoon, it's hot as asdfghjkl.

If there are shirt-jeans-sneaks kind of persons, well, Im a shirt-skirt-sneaks kid. It's my go-to ensemble... but I only wear skirts whenever my errands just run for the day. Im also sensitive in the coldness of the evening.

School's first trimester has ended. And I guess (and hope) I'll be able to post more OOTDs. Also, we celebrate school's most awaited Wednesday Washday! FIIIINAAALLLYYY!!! :p



SM Store's Fashion Update: #OOTD #OOTN

Last March 22, 2014 happened the SM Store's Fashion Update: #OOTD #OOTN at SM City Davao-Annex. The event I was talking about here.

It wasn't my first time working with SM for fashion shows, but it was my first time being on stage..... and I felt awkward and shy.

We showcased pegs on working with an ensemble from day to night with just playing with accessories, and it was a lot of fun! I mean, given the whole SM Store choosing what you want for your look, it was just as overwhelming!

Good thing there is not much pressure in me knowing majority of us models aren’t professional models, really. The SM Team wants to showcase fashion in a more realistic way with how ordinary people work with trends stylistically on a daily basis.

Also, having the clothes brought home is really something! Thanks to Tony and Jackey for our hair; Coco CabaƱa and Sun Kissed for our outfits; and SM Accessories!

with my PWC associates:
ate Danja (in white top), ate Mandy (in orange dress), maam Franny (in white floral dress), and maam Fumi (in purple)

Many thanks to Miss Jolen and the SM Store! :)